Veruska Gómez, also known as Veka

Natural Cleaning Tips from a Venezuelan Influencer

The Venezuelan influencer, Veruska Gómez, also known as Veka or @Vekalife, has gained a large number of followers on social networks thanks to her homemade cleaning formulas. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she is the mother of Sofía and Christopher, wife, entrepreneur and expert in natural cleaning tips, something of great value considering that certain chemicals can be harmful to health and the environment.

Discover the Secrets of Vekalife: Natural Cleaning Tips from a Venezuelan Influencer!

With her ability to combine her daily life with social media, Veruska has shared on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube numerous secrets for home care based on her own cleaning formulas. Best of all, many of the ingredients it uses are available to anyone or are easy to get.

In short, as she herself describes in her blog, Veruska teaches how to achieve a harmonious home and keep it clean in a natural way. But how did she become a famous Venezuelan influencer?

Vekalife, whose real name is Veruska Gómez, is a woman from Caracas who has achieved fame as an influencer thanks to her dedication and hard work. Although he graduated as a publicist, it was after the birth of his daughter Sofía that he became interested in taking care of his home without using chemicals due to a condition on his daughter’s skin that prevented her from using certain lead products in clothes.

In an interview with Forbes Argentina, Veruska shared how she began to gain followers on social networks during the coronavirus pandemic when her family had just immigrated to the United States from Venezuela and were in lockdown.

She began sharing videos in which she showed her daily life and gave advice for solving common problems at home which connected with many people, especially those who were also pregnant.

Vekalife’s popularity grew rapidly on social networks, leading her to launch her first book entitled ‘The Secrets of Vekalife’, which quickly became a Best Seller on Amazon Mexico. Subsequently, he released a second book called ‘The Secrets of Vekalife: 60 Natural Cleaning Mixes’.

From Passion to Success: The Inspiring Story of Vekalife – Your Guide to Natural and Sustainable Home Cleaning

The story of Veruska Gómez, known as Vekalife is an example of how effort, dedication and passion for a topic can lead to success in the digital world and becoming a recognized influencer.

Vekalife is the pseudonym of Veruska Sabuco, a Venezuelan influencer who has stood out on social networks for promoting natural, healthy and sustainable cleaning in the home. She began by sharing tips and homemade recipes for making cleaning products free of toxic chemicals on her social media channel during the COVID-19 pandemic and her second pregnancy in the United States.

Their approach is based on using basic ingredients found in most homes to create natural and effective blends for home cleaning.

Veruska has published two books, ‘The Secrets of Vekalife’ and ‘The Secrets of Vekalife: 60 Natural Cleaning Mixes’, where she shares her knowledge and recipes for healthy and sustainable cleaning at home. In addition, it has also launched a 21-day program through Telegram which helps people establish healthy cleaning habits at home.

Clean Your Home Naturally with Vekalife: Say No to Toxic Chemicals and Yes to Healthier Cleaning!

One of Vekalife’s main focuses is the use of natural ingredients and the avoidance of toxic chemicals in household cleaning products.

She promotes the idea that many commercial products contain chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment and seeks to offer natural and safe alternatives for home cleaning. Its approach is based on knowledge of the right ingredients and products for each surface, avoiding hazardous mixtures that could be harmful to health.

With its fresh and fun approach, and its constantly growing community on social networks, Vekalife has managed to inspire and help thousands of people to adopt a more natural and healthy approach to cleaning their homes, also rescuing cleaning tricks from previous generations.

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