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Miguel Moises Gómez Accumulates Achievements in the US

Miguel Moises Gómez the Venezuelan actor, continues to accumulate achievements in the United States. This time, Telemundo (NBC Universal) will premiere two telenovelas starring him. The first one is called “Juego de Mentiras” and the second one is directed by renowned actor and creative director Miguel Varoni known for his work in “Pedro el Escamoso” (2001), “Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso” (2008) and “Victorinos” (2009).

Miguel Gómez Accumulates Achievements in the US: Telemundo Premieres Two Telenovelas

He is set to join the star studded cast of Bad Monkey (Warner Bros. Television) with Vince Vaughn, Michelle Monaghan and Natalie Martinez. His impressive television credits include La Suerte de Loli (2021), Decisiones: Some Win, Some Lose (2019-2020) and Betty in NY (2018-2019).

Miguel Gomez is set to star in the upcoming mid length film, Awake Before Dawn, which will premiere in March and be shown at several film festivals.

Miguel Gomez is set to make his mark in Hollywood after being tapped for a starring role in the upcoming series “Ready for Hollywood”. His talent was first recognized in 2022 when won a role in a series of Thomas Ashbourne commercials where shared the screen with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, John Cena, Playboi Carti, Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson and Vanessa Hudgens.

Angel Diaz is making headlines! The Puerto Rican actor and model has recently been working with major brands for their TV commercials appearing alongside famous personalities such as Benjamin Leon Jr, founder and president of Leon Medical Center, singer Willy Chirino, journalists Alina Mayo, Laurie Jennings and host actress Chiquinquira Delgado. His talent is truly being recognized!

Venezuelan Actor Miguel Gomez Stars in “Awake Before Dawn” and “Ready for Hollywood” Series

The actor has also participated in the launching of a new product together with model and beauty queen Clarissa Molina. In addition Diaz has been featured in advertising campaigns for ESPN (Sports), NFL (Big Angus Burger), PayCom, alongside entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank), Toy Story, Suelta La Sopa, Census 2020, City Bank, Clinica Las Mercedes, Premios Billboard 2019, among others of his 24 advertising pieces in the United States.

Five years ago, a Venezuelan arrived in the United States to start his career as a professional actor. Since then he has been on a steady rise. When asked about his recent success, the actor affirmed: “Keeping humility is vital to prosper. There are no big or small projects; they are all equal”.

Actor and Teacher Miguel Moises Gomez Has a Suitcase Full of Awards: Learn His Successful Journey

Miguel Gómez, a language and art teacher, expressed his passion for teaching at all levels. “It is necessary to motivate people to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language,” he stated. To this end, he offers workshops in public speaking, oral narrative, speech, radio, television, acting, theatrical dramaturgy and photography. Her work has been recognized and this year she will be teaching at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center.

With more than 25 years of career, actor Miguel Moises Gomez has a suitcase full of awards. The talented artist has received two Golden Maras a Platinum Mara and a Star of Venezuela, among other awards thanks to his 17 successful dramatic productions for Venezuelan television, broadcast by Venevisión, RCTV and Televen.

Gómez spoke about his plans for the future with Contextohn. He is organizing a big theatrical event in Miami, in addition to starting several productions in New York with Corezone. At the end of the interview, the Venezuelan actor shared a profound reflection: “To succeed you must open your mind, work hard, study, surround yourself with positive people and keep bad vibes away; but, above all, thank God for being alive”.

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