Martha Durán

Venezuelan writer recognized with the XXII Annual Transgeneric Award

Martha Durán, a writer originally from Valera, Trujillo, Venezuela (1976), was the winner of the XXII Annual Transgeneric Prize of the Foundation for Urban Culture with her novel “Ver morir a los perros” (To see the dogs die). The news was announced on Thursday, February 2, in a virtual meeting through the Zoom platform.

Venezuelan writer Martha Durán, recognized with the XXII Annual Transgeneric Award

The jury, composed of poet Elena Cardona, historian and philologist Mariano Nava from the University of Granada in Spain, and writer, poet and editor Fidel Maguna from Argentina, winner of the previous prize, reached their decision unanimously.

The announcement of the winner of the XXII Annual Transgenic Prize of the Foundation for Urban Culture was attended by Carlos Sandoval, the coordinator of the prize, and Diajanida Hernandez, the executive director of the foundation.

Seeing Dogs Die: A Novel by Martha Durán that Reflects the Complex Venezuelan Reality

Martha Durán’s novel “Ver morir a los perros” received the award because, according to the jury, it portrays the complex Venezuelan reality with an intimate tone that interweaves the personal and the national, creating an atmosphere that combines horror and tenderness.

In the tradition of Latin American political narrative, this work reformulates the limits of practice and expands them in a dialogue with Venezuelan poetry of the 20th century. Through the story of a university professor, the novel introduces the reader to a literary universe that reflects the political, economic and cultural situation of Venezuela. It presents an original aesthetic proposal for the representation of reality.

Martha Durán’s Talent and Creativity Award!

Martha Durán was “very excited” to receive the prize for her novel “Ver morir a los perros”. The verdict, read by researcher Carlos Sandoval and Diajanida Hernández, the Foundation’s executive director, praised the work for portraying Venezuelan reality in an intimate way and combining horror and tenderness.

The novel is described as a work that reformulates the limits of the Latin American political narrative and offers an original aesthetic proposal. Durán, who holds a BA in Literature and an MA in Literary Studies has published stories in various print and digital media.

Throughout his career, he has participated in several literary workshops, including the Literary Creation Workshop taught by Orlando Chirinos at the Universidad de los Andes, the Narrative Workshop of Monte Avila Editores, and the IV Semana de la Nueva Narrativa Urbana. His talent was recognized when he was a finalist in the Monte Avila Unpublished Authors Contest in 2007 with his book “Qué impertinente manera de volver” (What an Impertinent Way to Return).

About the Foundation for Urban Culture

Each year, the Transgeneric Prize is awarded to writers in the Spanish language with the aim of encouraging literary creation in all genres and promoting urban culture.

The Foundation approved the award to recognize content creators who have made significant contributions to transgender urban culture.

The winners of the annual Transgender Awards receive cash prizes and recognition for contributing to urban cultural development. Recognizes significant contributions to urban culture from a transgender perspective.

This includes, but is not limited to, artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, actors, journalists, musicians, designers and anyone else who has contributed to urban culture from a transgender perspective.

All are eligible regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Winners will be selected by a jury composed of members of the transgender community and other members of the urban culture community. The panel evaluates the merits of each nominee and determines who will receive the award.

The Foundation for Urban Culture’s annual Transgender Awards is an important step in the fight for greater visibility for the transgender community.