Marko: A Venezuelan Influencer

Marko: A Venezuelan Influencer

The renowned Venezuelan actor, comedian and influencer, Marco Pérez, popularly known as Marko Música, has managed to build a successful career on social networks for more than six years. With millions of followers who enjoy his daily humorous content and his unparalleled creativity in playing diverse characters, Marko has become a reference in the world of viral comedy.

Marko: A Venezuelan Influencer in Constant Reinvention with Millions of Followers

Although his fame has been consolidated on digital platforms, Marco Pérez’s artistic life began at an early age, when he was just 10 years old. From an early age, Marko showed an interest in acting and comedy and it was thanks to the unconditional support of his mother that he was able to enter this world.

Enrolled in an acting course, Marko had the opportunity to meet an outstanding producer from Venevisión, who offered him the opportunity to participate in a production at the age of 10, in the series Así Es la Vida, where he shared the scene with renowned actress Gaby Espino, being one of the first youth series made in Venezuela at that time. A year later, he got his first formal job as an actor in the series La Calle de los Sueños.

After a Pause: Marko Música’s Artistic Journey and Reinvention on Social Networks

However, after participating in several productions, Marko had a break of at least 7 years in his artistic career. He reveals that because he was focused on television, he neglected his studies, which led his father to make the decision to stop his career until he finished his high school studies, considering that it was more his mother’s dream than his own. It was a necessary pause that allowed him to reflect and rethink his future in the artistic world.

It was after finishing his high school that Marko decided to resume his passion for acting and comedy, this time, by his own decision and with a greater degree of independence. With the support of his mother again, Marko began working on youth series, participating in productions such as Tukiti, I Grew Up from an RCTV and Nacer Contigo by Televen.

Despite his previous experience on television, Marko believes that his real artistic birth occurred on social networks, where his talent and creativity have led him to reach unimaginable levels of popularity. Through his humorous content and his ability to create unique characters, Marko has captivated a loyal audience that follows him on the different digital platforms where he shares his work.

With his constant reinvention and dedication to his art, Marko Música has become an undisputed reference in the world of online entertainment, being a Venezuelan influencer who continues to achieve success and conquer the hearts of his audience.

From Theater to Social Networks: Marco’s Journey as a Comedian and Influencer

Marco, renowned for his foray into television and comedy, shares his story of how he discovered his passion for making others laugh and how he has faced challenges on his path to success. From an early age, Marco had a natural ability to tell jokes and make those around him laugh but he hadn’t yet found the right opportunity to take his talent to another level. It was in 2014 when he decided to try his luck at the theater and began sharing his content on social networks.

Although he achieved his first success with the play “Yo Sí Mondo Cuchos, ¿Y Tú?”, which sold out all the tickets in his duties for more than two years, Marco longed for something even bigger, something he didn’t think he could find in Venezuela. This is how he made the courageous decision to migrate to the United States, together with his then-girlfriend, in search of new opportunities.

“We were looking for greatness that at that time we didn’t know how to define, nor did we know what the future would bring us. I never imagined everything I’m going through. We wanted to move forward, go to the United States to see what was happening with our careers,” Marco said, recalling that moment.

When he arrived in Miami, he tried to replicate the plays he had performed in Venezuela but he didn’t have the same success. That’s when he decided to try stand up comedy to earn money. However, she realized that on social networks there was a great demand for content aimed at women, who showed greater response and interaction on these platforms.

Overcoming Challenges with Humor: Marco’s Journey as a Comedian and Influencer

“In the works we were doing in Venezuela, I represented women and we were doing very well. I would wear a wig and act like a woman in sketches. I could see that the rooms were full and people were laughing a lot. So I decided to take that to social networks, studying and learning about these platforms and I realized that women were the ones who interacted the most. I was passionate about creating content for women,” Marco highlighted.

Throughout his career, Marco has faced various difficulties but he believes that none have been insurmountable. “God hasn’t given me tests that I couldn’t overcome. That’s why I don’t focus on how difficult the process has been but on the blessings that I have received and that I continue to receive,” he said with conviction.

With his courage, dedication and ability to make people laugh, Marco has managed to conquer an increasingly wide audience in the United States and elsewhere, establishing himself as a leading talent in the world of comedy. His story is an example of how determination and passion can lead to greater dreams, even in the midst of challenges.

Embracing Diversity: Marco’s Positive View on Sexual Orientation and Humor

Marco has always been a well-known figure on social media for his unique humor and comedy style. However, some people have wrongly assumed that he is gay because of his content. For Marco, this has never been an offense. In his view, sexual orientation should not be a cause for insult or discomfort.

Since his childhood, Marco has grown up surrounded by friends from the LGBTIQ+ community, which has allowed him to have a positive and unprejudiced view of sexual diversity. For him, society is lagging behind in its perception of this issue. Marco recognizes that his viral humor on social networks was inspired by his gay friends, who gave him the words and characters that became popular across the country.

It is important to note that Marco does not represent himself as a woman in his characters but as the homosexual friend that they all have and love but he does so with a wig. He is currently married to influencer Yulbert Zambrano, has two daughters and is expecting the arrival of a baby.

For Marco, his sexual preference isn’t something that can take away his sleep and he doesn’t see any negative connotation in being labeled gay. He has demystified gender stereotypes in humor on social networks and has demonstrated that sexual orientation should not be a reason for offense or discrimination. Marco continues his work as a humor professional on social networks, inspiring others to accept and respect sexual diversity.

Making a Difference: Marco’s Social Work Through Social Networks

Marco, known for his popularity on social networks, has used his platform to help people in need in Venezuela access medical treatments and operations. His social work did not go unnoticed and renowned television presenter Nelson Bustamante contacted him for an interview about his actions.

Although Marco didn’t know that the interview would become a documentary, he was excited to talk about his social work. During the recording, it was discussed the people he has helped and Marco admitted that sometimes he doesn’t remember all the cases, since he has helped so many people that it has happened to him that he has helped the same person several times over time.

One of the most rewarding experiences for Marco has been seeing boys and girls who have healed thanks to the help provided through social networks. Nelson also showed testimonies from people who had benefited from Marco’s work and who sent him messages of thanks.

Marco reflected on the power of a simple post on social networks and how it can have a significant impact on people’s lives. For him, the fact that he decided to use his platform to help those in need has been a touching and rewarding experience.

Marco’s social work through social networks has demonstrated how these platforms can be used to generate a positive impact on society. His story is an inspiring example of how the power of a post can make a difference in the lives of many people and how social networks can be a tool for social well-being.

Comedy and Liberation: Marco’s Viral Character ‘The Blessed One’ on Social Networks

Marco, known for his comedic content on social networks, has created several characters but his favorite is “The Blessed One”, with which he has managed to constantly go viral.

Marco explains that “The Blessed One” allows him to say things that he, like Marco, could not say directly. This character has a different freedom of expression, he can say whatever he wants without restrictions and Marco feels liberated to put on the wig and express himself through this character. People take it as a comedy and he loves the license it gives him to be what he can’t be on his social networks.

“The Blessed One” says what she thinks regardless of anything and Marco highlights how much she appreciates that freedom of expression.

Marco also recognizes that if he himself were to say the same things as Marco, he would be misunderstood and would have negative consequences. Therefore, he uses the characters with the sole intention of making his audience laugh. “They say things that I can’t say, trying to make the audience laugh and I love that. It’s as if we were several people working on my social networks, not just me,” he adds.

The success of “The Blessed One” has been such that Marco decided to take the sketch “Blessed Tuesday” to the movies in 2021, due to its great popularity on social networks.

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