Los Roques Archipelago

Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela

The archipelago of Los Roques is located in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. It is made up of more than 350 islands, cays and islets, making it one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean. The islands are known for their white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life.

Visit the beautiful Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela

Gran Roque is the main island of Los Roques and the capital of the archipelago. It is home to several places of interest, including a colonial fort, a lighthouse, a museum and the largest salt flat in the Caribbean. Most of the surrounding islands are uninhabited but offer stunning views and excellent fishing opportunities.

Los Roques National Park was created in 1972 to protect the delicate ecosystem of the islands. The park covers an area of more than 45,000 hectares and is home to numerous species of birds, reptiles and mammals. It is also one of the most important breeding grounds for several species of sea turtles.

Los Roques is a great vacation destination for sun lovers, fishermen and nature lovers alike. With its incredible marine life, stunning beaches and interesting culture, there is something for everyone in the Los Roques archipelago.

How to Get to Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela

There are scheduled flights from Caracas, Maiquetia airport, every day at the following times: departure at 6 am and return at 5 pm. The airlines that fly this route are Aerotuy or LTA, Chapi Air and Jomicol.

The flight takes about 35 minutes in planes with a capacity for 40 passengers, landing at the Gran Roque airport. Flights also depart from Porlamar on Margarita Island.

You should take into account that from Monday to Thursday it is possible to get a seat more easily than on weekends, so it is recommended to make your reservation one month in advance. Prices vary according to the season.

Likewise, there is no ferry or commercial boat service from the mainland to Los Roques. However, some private yachts travel to the archipelago from some ports in Venezuela and the Caribbean, with space for small groups and that offer a plus service and extra comforts that compensate for the price of the ticket.

How to move around Los Roques

The town of Gran Roque has no problems for walkers since the only land vehicles are the water and toilet trucks, as well as a golf cart that is only occasionally seen.

Most of the inhabitants walk barefoot through the sandy streets of the town and tourists are not left behind when it comes to getting into intimate contact with the rocky soil. What you will find in Los Roques are enough boats to take you to the nearby keys.

Several tour operators operate in Gran Roque that provide transportation to the islands in full-day boat tours. These boats offer trips from Gran Roque to one or two of the nearby islands and to the dive sites where you can practice scuba diving.

Alternatively, if you want a multi-day trip, you can sail on one of the yachts anchored at the pier, which has well-equipped cabins and food service on board. And if you are looking for a little more adventure, you can surely embark on a sport fishing excursion, especially bonefishing, an experience that more than rewards its cost and that you will remember forever.

What activities can be done in Los Roques Archipelago?

The entire Los Roques is an impressive tourist attraction since it has beautiful beaches of white sand and warm waters that dye the horizon of turquoise blue, where the most exuberant coral reefs of the entire Caribbean proliferate.

Gran Roque is the largest island and has a small town where most of the population congregates as well as the infrastructure for tourist lodging and restaurants; it also has an airport to receive the flights that transport tourists daily.

Among the emblematic sites of Gran Roque is the old Dutch Lighthouse, located on the highest point of the national park, where some objects that tell the history of the archipelago are preserved.

Los Roques has other keys that are worth visiting. Francisquíes groups three keys, Francisquí de Arriba, Medio and Abajo, which are the most visited because of their proximity to Gran Roque, just 10 minutes away by boat.

On the southern beach of Francisquí Medio, the sea is flat and serene, for full enjoyment. In the eastern part of this island group is a natural lagoon of 6 meters deep, called La Piscina, ideal for snorkeling.

You can also visit Madrizquí, Cayo Pirata, Noronquises, Crasquí and Dos Mosques, where you will find the Los Roques Scientific Foundation, the Turtle Breeding Hall and the archeological station where vestiges of pre-Columbian cultures are preserved.

Not to mention the cultural manifestations of great interest such as the festivity of the Our Lady of the Valley, which is celebrated every September 8 and the Lobster Festival in November, when the fishing season begins.

Lodging in Los Roques Archipelago

There are restrictions on the construction of new buildings in Los Roques, so there is only a wide network of inns, most of them located in Gran Roque, with good accommodation and gastronomy of which they can be proud, providing the comfort required by the tourist.

From Gran Roque, catamarans and boats depart to the other islands, especially Francisquí, Madrizquí and Crasquí, where you can also stay.

Los Roques is waiting for you to dive into its waters dressed as a diver, so you can discover the wonderful underwater world where a great variety of fish abound and perhaps the largest sample of coral species that can be found in one place on the planet, including the whimsical brain coral, the dazzling fire coral and the enigmatic gorgonian.

How much can a weekend visit for 4 people to the Archipelago of Los Roques cost?

The cost of a weekend visit for 4 people to the Archipelago of Los Roques can vary widely depending on the type of accommodation, activities and transportation chosen. Generally, a weekend stay for 4 people could cost anywhere from $800 – $2,000.