Greivis Vasquez

Greivis Vasquez: From Basketball Star to Music Entrepreneur

The former Venezuelan basketball player is dedicated to promoting musical talent. Many may not have believed that Greivis Vasquez would become a national basketball star, let alone one of the three Venezuelans (along with Carl Herrera and Oscar Torres) to reach the NBA.

Greivis Vasquez: I owe a lot to Venezuela

But he did it and after demonstrating his great athletic drive, he now shows his human side and his entrepreneurial face by supporting Venezuelan artists through his almost two-year-old record label, Swag Records.

More challenges

With the Swag label, in 2022 they released 18 songs that were positioned and this year they promise to continue growing and have more success.

So far they have the talents of Luissette, Abbel, OMG, La Mau, Mannel and Mark Dayle; in addition to the collaboration of Noreh, Reggi “El Auténtico” with CNCO and Omar K11. Greivis’ idea is to expand, to internationalize, but first in Latin America.

On the other hand, besides the studio and the record label, Greivis Vasquez also has a sports agency that represents professional players, where Venezuelans are key. To him, many people think his challenges are about money, fame and power. “No, it’s about work and I’ve experienced that in my career.”

Were your fans very happy when you played in the NBA?

That was because of the support they gave me here in Venezuela. I grew up here and my sports base was here. Then I went to the United States and, thank God, I had a good career as an active player. I haven’t officially retired yet, so wait for the official retirement (laughs).

How did you make the transition from sports to entertainment?

I think sports and music go hand in hand. It’s part of the entertainment. One of the things I learned during my career was to strengthen my culture and promote my country and my people and there was a movement to create the Swag Studio music studio and the Swag Records record label in Miami.

—I am one of the founders and the idea is to empower this region of Latin America, especially Venezuela. We have a very close team of Venezuelans working to develop artists, producers and composers …

Why is the label called Swag?

Because it’s a lifestyle. It’s your flow, your charisma, your personality and what you reflect. When the name came up, one of the partners, who is very creative, asked his sons what they would like to call a record label and studio. They came up with Swag and we fell in love with the name.

Is it easy to manage an artist or an athlete?

They have a lot in common. They both show their personality. What I look for most in an athlete or artist is a commitment to professionalism.

What kind of music do you like?

— I am very romantic: I like ballads and pop. I also love reggaeton, but I can also listen to rock… And I’m a natural salsa dancer!

On your label, you flirt with the urban genre. Will you support other rhythms?

I am very interested in pushing a salsero or salsera artist! We believe in gender equality.

Do you also do social work with your foundation?

—I owe a lot to my country, to my people. Working with my foundation is a priority. This year we have very important activities.

Do you have any other projects?

A very personal audiovisual project that will be the axis of other projects related to music and sports. I want to continue to show that we are the best country in the world when we work as a team.