Goiko Grill Takes the Streets by Storm with Dinosaur Marketing Campaign

Storm with Dinosaur Marketing Campaign

The hamburger chain Goiko Grill is known as one of the great success stories of Venezuelan migration. This time, the brand founded by Venezuelan Andoni Goicoechea went viral on social networks after behind-the-scenes videos were released to promote the return of two of its most popular products: the Chiliraptor and the Kevin Serrana.

Goiko Grill Takes the Streets by Storm with Dinosaur Marketing Campaign

A video of a group of dinosaurs crossing a pedestrian crossing in the streets of Madrid went viral on social networks. A well-known Spanish broadcaster, Francisco Izuzquiza, was there and shared the moment on his Twitter profile, which immediately triggered a wave of comments on the social network and then became a trend on Instagram.

The dinosaurs were on their way to film a commercial for Goiko. Realizing that the video was going viral, the brand immediately reversed the campaign and took the dinosaurs on the road for the entire weekend, eliciting reactions of disbelief and confusion from passersby.

Which burger to bring back?

The campaign came about after the brand posted a poll on Instagram in December, asking its followers “which burger to bring back?” to which they responded in favor of both burgers.

Goiko Grill was founded by Venezuelan Andoni Goicoechea, who arrived in Spain in 2012 at the age of 24. Thanks to a loan of 55,000 euros from his father, he managed to open his first hamburger restaurant in Madrid, which became the Goiko hamburger chain, which was sold to the L Catterman fund of the LVMH group in 2018.

The investment fund of the French tycoon Bernard Arnault owns 80% of the shares of the hamburger chain with the Venezuelan seal, whose market value exceeds 150 million euros.