Prize fo the Promotion of Venezuelan Art

Fundación Polar Awarded Páez Medal for Arts Promotion

The Polar Foundation was awarded the Páez Medal for the Arts in New York for its cultural promotion and philanthropic activities. The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts, VAEA, presided by Alí Cordero Casal, celebrated a new edition of the Páez Medal for the Arts, which this time went to the Fundación Empresas Polar, whose president is Leonor Giménez de Mendoza.

Award for the promotion of Venezuelan art

The ceremony took place in the David Rubenstein Atrium of Lincoln Center, New York.

This award rewards the work of a person and the projection of values that he or she has transmitted to the institution and its collaborators, allowing the Fundación Polar to carry out its activities in different parts of the national territory, an activity that does not only include collecting.

Leonor Giménez de Mendoza began some time ago, collecting important works by national artists that today make up the company’s patrimony, but has also expanded to include education, promoting sensitivity to art, supporting artists and cultural institutions, as well as giving relevance to different manifestations of popular art.

The Páez Medal recognizes the philanthropy and contributions made by the selected person to the growth and diffusion of the arts in Venezuela and the United States.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that VAEA has awarded the Páez Medal to an organization. In this case, it recognized the work done since 1977 by the Fundación Empresas Polar, the philanthropic arm of Grupo Polar, which has used the arts, science and education to create positive change in communities.

Celebrating 45 Years of Social Action: VAEA Gala Dinner in New York

It is 45 years of social action under the leadership of its president, Leonor Giménez de Mendoza, who emotionally thanked all her family for this recognition.

Alí Cordero Casal affirmed in his words that the arts are a source of hope and inspiration, so VAEA will continue to support artists and organizations in Venezuela and the U.S., continuing its growth plans that include scholarships for young artists, educational programs, as well as the maintenance of the Acarigua Araure Museum in the State of Portuguesa.

The dinner kicked off with a gourmet “Arepa Pepeada” prepared under the direction of Chef Juan Adames. Music was also part of the evening and along with the classic melodies of Gian Faraone, the group Tambor y Caña, both Venezuelans and residents of New York, enlivened the evening.

About the Venezuelan American Fund for the Arts, VAEA

The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts, or VAEA, is an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of the Venezuelan diaspora in the United States.

Founded in 1990, the organization seeks to elevate and showcase the artistry of Venezuelan Americans and provide a platform to facilitate dialogue, collaboration and creative exchange between the Venezuelan and American communities.

VAEA serves as a bridge between two cultures, creating opportunities for Venezuelan Americans to reclaim their heritage, share their stories and promote understanding between the two countries.

The organization has hosted a variety of events and initiatives, including art exhibits and workshops, film screenings and cultural exchanges. VAEA also provides financial assistance to Venezuelan-American artists who need support for their projects.

In addition, VAEA has partnered with various organizations and institutions to promote the work of Venezuelan-American artists. For example, VAEA has collaborated with the Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles to host the “Venezuelan American Art Showcase,” which features the works of Venezuelan-American artists.

About Fundación Polar

Fundación Polar is a non-profit organization that has been operating in Venezuela for more than 80 years. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the Venezuelan people through the promotion of education, employment, health and social welfare.

It has become one of the main sources of support for the Venezuelan community. It offers education, employment and health programs to help people improve their lives. These programs include scholarships for students, vocational training, health programs and social welfare programs.

Fundación Polar has also developed some projects to improve the quality of life of the Venezuelan people. These projects include the construction of housing, the creation of health centers, the improvement of educational infrastructure and the development of educational programs for children and adults.

It works to improve the situation of Venezuelan workers. It has developed programs to help workers obtain better wages and working conditions. This has helped workers obtain better education and training to improve their skills and job opportunities.

This organization has proven to be a source of support for the Venezuelan community and has helped to improve the situation of Venezuelan workers.