Sabrina Bethunin

From Regional Visa to CEO: Sabrina Bethunin’s Success Story

Sabrina Bethunin, co-founder and CEO of MadeComfy, arrived in Australia six years ago on a regional visa and now runs a leading Australian start-up in the shared accommodation sector.

From Venezuela to Australia: Sabrina Bethunin’s Incredible Journey

Sabrina Bethunin is a Venezuelan who arrived in Australia six years ago with her accounting degree in her suitcase and limited English. However, her imagination and creativity, combined with her desire, led her to start what is now one of Australia’s most successful shared economy companies.

Three and a half years ago, she decided to leave her permanent job to embark on her adventure: MadeComfy, a company of which she is co-founder and CEO, dedicated to the short-term accommodation sector that did not exist in Australia.

Born on Sabrina’s computer, MadeComfy now employs over 60 people, manages a $600 million portfolio of properties in Sydney and Melbourne and will soon expand to Brisbane. It has also raised nearly $9 million in funding.

Things to know about shared accommodation in Australia

What is shared accommodation in Australia?

Shared accommodation in Australia is a type of living arrangement where two or more people live in the same place.

Typically, roommates share a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and share the rent and utilities. Shared accommodation can be a great way for people to save money, build a sense of community and learn from each other.

What are the 2 types of rental in Australia?

  1. Fixed term tenancy: This type of rental agreement involves a tenant signing a contract for a certain length of time, usually 6-12 months. The tenant will be responsible for paying the rent for the duration of the contract and must follow the conditions outlined in the contract.
  2. Periodic tenancy: This type of rental is an ongoing rental agreement and does not have a set end date. The tenant pays rent on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly and is not bound by a long-term contract. The tenant may terminate the agreement with appropriate notice.

What is a joint tenancy in Australia?

Joint tenancy is a form of joint ownership of property in Australia. It is a legal agreement between two or more people that allows each party to own an equal share of the property.

The agreement states that if one of the joint tenants dies, their share of the property automatically passes to the other joint tenants. This means that no will or probate is required to transfer the deceased tenant’s interest.

What is a tenancy by the entirety of Australia?

Tenancy by the entirety is a form of joint tenancy available only to married couples in Australia. It is a form of joint tenancy where married couples own the property together as a single legal entity, with each spouse having an indivisible interest in the whole.

This means that each spouse has an equal right to own the entire property and neither spouse can sell or transfer the property without the consent of the other. Upon the death of one spouse, the other automatically inherits the property.

How do you know if your tenants are joint tenants in Australia?

Joint tenants in Australia are usually listed on the lease. It is important to check the document to determine the exact nature of the tenancy agreement. It is also important to check the lease for any additional clauses that may apply to joint tenants in Australia.

In addition, the landlord should check with their local State or Territory Housing Department for confirmation of the joint tenancy status of their tenants.

What is the minimum income for joint ownership?

The minimum income required to co-own a property depends on the specific property, the lender and the terms of the loan. Generally, lenders require that the combined income of all applicants be sufficient to cover the mortgage payment, property taxes and other related expenses.

Lenders may also require that applicants have sufficient assets (e.g., cash) to cover down payments and closing costs.

Is my girlfriend entitled to half of my house in Australia?

No, generally speaking, your girlfriend is not entitled to half of your house in Australia. Unless you have a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract that states otherwise, your girlfriend would have no legal right to your house.

Can you be separated and live in the same house in Australia?

Yes. In Australia, it is possible to be separated and live in the same house if both parties agree to the arrangement. It is important to note that the arrangement must be agreed to by both parties and cannot be forced on either person.