Fran Olivares: From Valet to Entrepreneur in Miami

Fran Olivares: From Valet to Entrepreneur in Miami

He had to leave Venezuela and in Miami, he went from valet parking to founding a successful event company. Fran Olivares sells houses, is an investor in real estate in the Florida area and also runs a gambling website in Costa Rica.

From Valet Parking to Starting His Own Business: The Story of Fran Olivares

Fran Olivares is one of the many people who had to leave his country due to the political crisis in Venezuela. He chose to go to the United States, to Miami and just as he started as a valet at a car dealership, today he is the founder of a successful event planning company.

He arrived in North America in 2010 and his experience in the nightlife world led him to think about the company he runs today.

From valet parking to starting his own business

He explained that it was “the desire to improve myself in this country where I arrived without friends, without a north, without many resources, but with an immense desire to improve and evolve, after a year of working as a surveyor and valet, I realized that my talent and experience in the nightlife would give me the tools to undertake here.

So he founded MDT Promotions, an innovative event-planning company for both Miami and Venezuela.

The success of my company was undoubtedly due to my immense desire to work, my ethics and the fact that the people around me loved me because of my personality.

I started hanging out with very successful people who did not hesitate for a second to spend their best parties in one of my clubs or always asked me for advice to make their private parties,” he added.

When Fran lived in Venezuela, he was a regular in the nightlife scene, organizing parties at Area Club and also collaborating on events at clubs like UEST and BABAR.

Since I was very young I was very extroverted and a party lover, this combination was a lethal weapon for my success in nightlife, I started as a promoter and little by little I made a lot of friends and connections,” he told this media.

But when he moved to Miami, everything changed and he had to adapt. He started working as a valet at a famous car dealership and it was through these things in life that he met people who brought him back to nightlife.

Way with famous artists

At first, he worked for a company and after two years he took the plunge and went for his dreams and founded MDT Promotions. It was such a success that the company eventually became part of the I’m Miami Party.

Olivares revealed that he has already worked with several influencers and personalities from all over the world:

“In reality with several influencers like Marko Musica, who was in my team, almost all the Venezuelan reggaeton singers like Chino y Nacho, Sixto Rein, Gustavo Elis, Ronald Borjas, other artists like Ñejo, Kevin Roldan, Lenny Tavares…

I could relate to many, many people and great entrepreneurs of Miami nightlife like Román Jones and Antonio Turbay”.

The focus of Olivares and his company is to do everything possible to create great experiences, and unforgettable moments and make his clients’ dreams come true. The company works from the conception of the idea to its realization.

“No matter what type of event, from a birthday to a concert to a wedding, MDT Promotions will make sure it’s everything the client dreamed it would be, he promises.

Never Stop Dreaming, Never Stop Working: The Success Story of a Businessman

But that’s not his only horizon. Olivares has already diversified his time and money in other areas: he sells houses, is a real estate investor in the Florida area and also runs a gambling site in Costa Rica. He has three Amazon Stores and is seriously into e-commerce and cryptocurrency.

I have started several businesses in my life. I’ve been working since I was 16 years old, and all because I’ve always been hungry for success since I was little and I wanted to be able to give my children everything they deserve.

It is never too late to start a new project, I am a businessman and I believe in the importance of diversifying my business, he explained.

And he concluded with a message to all those who have had to leave their countries in search of a future:

“Never stop dreaming, but above all, never stop working for your dreams, because, without effort or a plan, they are just an imagination, this country is very grateful to the people who put their heart and effort into achieving their goals”.