DJ Italian Venezuela

DJ Italian Venezuela Jesús D’Agostino

Positive news in Venezuela come despite the difficulties thanks to the efforts of each citizen who grows and leaves these lands. This is the example of Jesús D’Agostino, who pursues the dream of many to show his art.

Mystic and Venezuelan performance goes around the world

Jesus, better known as “Italian”, has positioned himself as one of the most recognized DJs in the country, as they say in the streets of Caracas, “Venezuela pal’ Mundo” (Venezuela to the World), a popular saying that is already materializing, seeing in the future to be the mirror of the new generations.

But how was DJ “Italian” born?

He was formed in the heart of Barquisimeto, from his home, being the son of musicians, going through several projects that ended in the passion of mixing electronic music and then, dabbling in the production of the genre, art that has managed to explode in major Venezuelan cities, until reaching the capital of the country, Caracas.

“I am very grateful to the city, to all the event producers who have always supported me and also to the exponents that today I consider my mission brothers in this musical movement that requires a lot of teamwork,” he said.

The performance presented by this guaro has managed to connect with everyone who listens to his mixes, that fusion between the old school and the Afro-descendant trend, are the elements that define the particular identity that “Italian” has, in a genre that came to stay and evolve.

Helping new talent get started

Discipline and support are the foundations of his artistic career and that is why “Italian” not only seeks his personal growth, he also hopes to lend a hand to those new talents who are looking for a great impulse to project themselves. Just like Jesus did in his time, resulting today in an international DJ formally wood.

He has delivered controls to great exponents such as Themba, Shimza, Stacey Pullen, Afrowarriors, Breyth, Hyenah and Buruntuma; he has also had a presence in lineUps with protagonists such as Gordo, Pablo Fierro, Studio bros, Lilocox, Harvy Valencia and Oscar L.

Leaving Venezuela High

In this new phase, D’Agostino will perform in countries where “Techno” and “House” are not only a musical style but a lifestyle, among which Aruba, Dominican Republic, Panama and Spain stand out; concretizing countries like Chile and Colombia and with his eyes set on other spaces in Europe and the USA, always to leave Venezuela in style and go further.

In Venezuela, we have a lot of musical identities, the ‘house’ branches into countless genres and subgenres in which the Venezuelan is making his way and imposing a style. We all put a grain of sand in each of our stages; very good music is being made and the performance factor is reaching higher levels,” assures the “Italian”.

He also sees that the movement intends to consolidate the foundations of an emerging culture in the country, to raise the level and never stop learning so that in this way and with the formation of new talents, the country will achieve the industrialization of the genre.