Society and Culture

Sociocultural investments in Venezuela are key to its development: from culture-driven initiatives to financially viable projects. Learn more about investing in Venezuelan society & culture, the potential rewards, & how to minimize risk. Discover how to build a better future for Venezuela’s people!

Venezuelan writer Susana Gabriela

Venezuelan writer awarded the UNAM-Spain Story Prize

Discover the compelling story of Susana Gabriela Nuevo Silva, winner of the 1st UNAM-Spain Story Prize for her work Papers. Her powerful portrayal of Latin American migration in Spain is a must-read, showcasing the impact of this growing phenomenon through the lens of literature.

Benjamín Rausseo

Benjamín Rausseo, the renowned Er Conde del Guácharo

With a career spanning four decades, Rausseo is known for his irreverent humor and fictional character, “Er Conde,” who addresses the country’s political reality. Despite health issues and previous unsuccessful attempts at presidency and governorship, Rausseo has emerged as a leading candidate in the opposition presidential primary.

Honoring Linguistic Diversity

Honoring Linguistic Diversity

Celebrate International Mother Language Day in Venezuela on February 21 with a range of activities honoring native languages. Through oral expression, writing, listening, singing, and observation, Venezuelans highlight the linguistic richness of their country’s cultural heritage.

Form I-134A

Form I-134A – Affidavit of Support

This article provides an overview of the requirements for filing Form I-134A, which is used by individuals who commit to provide financial support to a beneficiary applying for humanitarian leave via the Union for Ukraine or the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan Processes.

Maria Perez Caraballo

The Incredible Story of Maria Perez Caraballo

A former eye surgeon and current 5th grade teacher Maria Perez Caraballo, delivered a healthy baby in a Dallas elementary school nurse’s office with the help of school nurse Tylar Krause and a team of paramedics.