Living in Ukraine as a Venezuelan

Living in Ukraine as a Venezuelan

José David Chaparro, a lawyer hailing from Táchira, Venezuela, has courageously spent over a year in Ukraine, separated by over 5,000 kilometers from his homeland, fighting alongside Ukrainian troops against Russian forces. In cities targeted by Russian aggression, he has worked tirelessly to deliver vital humanitarian aid and rescue those in need.

Veruska Gómez, also known as Veka

Natural Cleaning Tips from a Venezuelan Influencer

Veruska Gómez, popularly known as Vekalife is a true testament to how hard work, dedication and a deep passion for a particular topic can pave the way for success in the digital world. Today, she is a renowned influencer who has carved a niche for herself.

Venezuelan Passport

Venezuelan Passport Requirements and Destinations

Discover the power of the Venezuelan passport! Ranked 11th in Latin America for mobility, it allows visa-free access to 129 countries. Holders can explore Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Oceania with ease. Obtaining or renewing a passport is easy with Saime, the entity responsible for issuing passports.

Meet Nathalie Quintero

Meet Nathalie Quintero: The Venezuelan Aerospace Engineer

The next chapter in space exploration is set to take off in the first half of 2024 with the Artemis 2 mission and a Venezuelan aerospace engineer, Nathalie Quintero is playing a crucial role in its success.