Food and Recipes

Venezuelan cuisine is a delicious mix of Spanish, African, and Indigenous influences. Enjoy traditional dishes like arepas, cachapas, hallacas, and more. Try a Venezuelan recipe today and experience the flavors of this vibrant country!

Táchira: Land of Kneading and Baking

Táchira, Venezuela: Land of Kneading and Baking

On Wednesday, January 18, Fitur, the most important international tourism fair in the world, began in Madrid. Venezuela was present in a modest pavilion with an offer of luxury tourism, with the pretext of attracting travelers who pay in dollars for millionaire destinations, with Los Roques and Canaima as the main attraction.


Redesigning Venezuela’s agroindustrial future

Venezuela is on the threshold of a new agro-industrial future! Work is underway to create a more sustainable and equitable agricultural system that benefits all Venezuelans. With innovative technology, improved infrastructure and greater access to resources, we can redesign the future of Venezuelan agribusiness.

Mia Mendoza

Where to Buy Arepas in the UK?

Mia Mendoza is a Venezuelan arepas chef in Manchester, England. Her arepas are a unique street food experience, bringing a taste of South America to the heart of the city. With bold flavors, vibrant colors and a variety of fillings, Mia’s arepas are sure to tantalize your taste buds! Try her arepas today and get a taste of Venezuela in Manchester.

Venezuelan Tequeños

Venezuelan Tequeños Take Argentina by Storm

Venezuelan Tequeños are taking over Argentine movie theaters! Their delicious flavor is sure to make you come back for more. Enjoy the unique taste of these savory snacks while watching your favorite movie!