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Venezuelan cuisine is a delicious mix of Spanish, African, and Indigenous influences. Enjoy traditional dishes like arepas, cachapas, hallacas, and more. Try a Venezuelan recipe today and experience the flavors of this vibrant country!

Carat of Venezuelan Green Mango

Carat of Venezuelan Green Mango

Indulge in the exotic taste of Venezuelan green mango carat this Easter! Made from the firm, watery pulp of the country’s abundant green mangoes, this refreshing drink is loaded with vitamins A and C. Enjoyed by Venezuelan communities, it’s the perfect soft drink to serve at festive occasions or to quench your thirst on hot days.

Zona Tequenos

The Success Story of Greis Duarte’s Paisa Cheese Tequeños in Miami

Discover the story of Greis Duarte, a Venezuelan entrepreneur who found success in Miami with her delicious Paisa cheese tequeños. With only four suitcases and the hope of a better future, Greis arrived in the United States and had to work her way up from being an Uber driver to managing social networks.

Fabiola Lairet

Fabiola Lairet: The first sushi chef certified in Spain

With a culinary empire spanning Barcelona and Madrid, Lairet’s passion and dedication to cooking have earned her recognition from the prestigious All Japan Sushi Association. Her journey from studying Civil Engineering in Venezuela to become a renowned sushi chef in Spain is inspirational.

Bululú Canarias

Bululú Canarias: Exquisite Venezuelan Gastronomy

Five years ago, Mónica Emmi, Lorenzo Labellarte, and Enrique Cachazo embarked on a culinary adventure, bringing Venezuelan cuisine to the heart of Gran Canaria. With their dedication and talent, they have created a resounding success, offering a unique perspective on Venezuelan flavors and aromas.

Sabolé in Alicante

Sabolé in Alicante – Spain

Discover the authentic taste of Venezuela in the heart of Alicante at Sabolé. This charming coffee is the brainchild of two passionate entrepreneurs who sought to introduce locals to the unique flavors of Venezuelan cuisine in a more authentic, artisanal manner.

Edigre Carreño

Venezuelan Wins “Qué hay en la Cocina” Contest in Chile

The innovative culinary proposal of Edigre Carreño stood out for the perfect combination of two gastronomic cultures, Chilean and Venezuelan. In her main dish, the talented chef made pork the protagonist, surprising the judges with an impeccable presentation and exquisite flavor.