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Black Friday

Tracing Back to Black Friday 40 Years Ago in 1983

The economic instability in Venezuela traces back to Black Friday in 1983, when the bolivar suffered a significant devaluation against the dollar due to government policies. Economist José Guerra sheds light on the causes and impact of this historic event.


Venezuelan Startup Cocomercado

Transforming Lives and Businesses in Venezuela: The Innovative Blockchain based Money Transfer System by Cocomercado. Revolutionizing remittances and small businesses in Venezuela.

Valero Energy

Valero Energy Imports Venezuelan Crude

Valero Energy Corporation a leading independent petroleum refining and marketing company based in Texas has imported crude oil from Venezuela for the first time in four years. As the 2nd largest fuel producer in the US Valero received 241,000 barrels of crude oil from Chevron which holds the exclusive authorization to extract and export the oil.

Venezuelan Migration: The Other Side of the Coin

Venezuelan Migration: The Other Side of the Coin

More than seven million Venezuelans have left their country in the last eight years to escape the economic, political and social crisis. The vast majority of them, six million, have settled in other countries in the Latin American region, which for years have invested part of their budgets in welcoming the new arrivals.