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Susseth Añez

The Art of Event Design: Susseth Añez shares her story

Susseth Añez, a Venezuelan woman in the US, turned a frustrating business failure into a successful event decorating career. From watching YouTube tutorials to designing parties for clients like Marko Music, her passion for decorating spaces brought her new dreams and a new business, Susseth Event Designer.

Venezuelan DJ in Qatar

Naña Ferrer: Venezuelan DJ in Qatar Hosting the World Cup

Ferrer, who was born and raised in Santo Tomé, a small town in the state of Anzoátegui, became interested in becoming a DJ. She had a lot of friends who were DJs. And her boyfriend at the time was dedicated to making music. Little by little, he taught her what he knew, because he wanted her to open his events.

DJ Italian Venezuela

DJ Italian Venezuela Jesús D’Agostino

Positive news in Venezuela, despite the difficulties, comes thanks to the efforts of each citizen who grows and leaves these lands. This is the example of Jesús D’Agostino, who pursues the dream of many to show his art.

Greivis Vasquez

Greivis Vasquez: From Basketball Star to Music Entrepreneur

The former Venezuelan basketball player is dedicated to promoting musical talent. Many may not have believed that Greivis Vasquez would become a national basketball star, let alone one of the three Venezuelans (along with Carl Herrera and Oscar Torres) to reach the NBA.