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Marko: A Venezuelan Influencer

Marko: A Venezuelan Influencer

Marko Música: The Venezuelan Influencer in Constant Reinvention with Millions of Followers. Discover Marco Pérez’s artistic journey from TV to social media, his challenges, and his rise to online stardom. With his unique humor and creativity, Marko has captivated a loyal audience on various digital platforms, becoming a reference in the world of viral comedy.

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

Sitoonce wowed a huge crowd on the world-famous island of Ibiza in his debut performance on Spanish soil. The talented Venezuelan singer alongside some of the most outstanding urban artists of the moment wowed the crowd with an electrifying show at the prestigious BRUTAL music festival.

Venezuelan Filmmakers

Venezuelan Filmmakers Leave Their Mark Abroad

This is the right time to once again recognize the work of Venezuelan filmmakers, especially those who in recent years have found their source of work in other parts of the world, globalizing like the film industry itself.

Miguel Moises Gomez

Miguel Moises Gómez Accumulates Achievements in the US

Venezuelan actor Miguel Moises Gomez is an unstoppable force in the US entertainment industry, with roles in telenovelas, series, films, commercials, and more. His passion for teaching and acting has been acknowledged with awards such as two Golden Maras and a Platinum Mara, among others.

Venezuelan model Yarelbys Tua

Venezuelan model advocating for disabled in the entertainment industry

Venezuelan model Yarelbys Tua, also known as Yare, has broken stereotypes about people with disabilities in the entertainment industry. A resident of the United States, she has created a platform for visibility and social normalization through her Instagram account and has managed to model at New York Fashion Week 2022.

Goiko Grill Takes the Streets by Storm with Dinosaur Marketing Campaign

Storm with Dinosaur Marketing Campaign

Goiko Grill, the popular Venezuelan-founded hamburger chain, created a buzz on social media with its unique marketing campaign featuring dinosaurs. The company brought back two of its most popular burgers, the Chiliraptor and Kevin Serrana and filmed a commercial with dinosaurs that went viral on the streets of Madrid.