Bululú Canarias

Bululú Canarias: Exquisite Venezuelan Gastronomy

Five years ago, Mónica Emmi, Lorenzo Labellarte and Enrique Cachazo embarked on a one-ticket trip to Gran Canaria with the aim of starting a new life and succeeding with an innovative gastronomic concept in the capital of Gran Canaria: Venezuelan cuisine from a unique perspective. The result has been a resounding success.

Bululú Canarias, the exquisite Venezuelan gastronomic proposal that conquers palates in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The location chosen for the opening of the first Bululú Canarias, nicknamed “the original”, couldn’t have been better: Venezuela Street, in the heart of the capital city. Despite being a difficult place to conquer in the competitive world of hospitality, this venture has managed to surprise and captivate diners from day one.

“From the start, the reception was extraordinary and people enjoyed our proposal,” Mónica proudly recounts.

In the hospitality industry, success is not the result of chance but of talent and hard work. “Our success is due to effort and dedication. The three partners are always present in the business, in the kitchen and in the living room”, highlights Emmi, one of the creative minds behind the culinary delights that come out of her kitchen.

The Bululú Canarias menu is an explosion of Venezuelan flavors and aromas, presented with a touch of sophistication and creativity. From classic arepas and cachapas to innovative meat and fish dishes with tropical influences, each bite is a unique experience that transports diners to the culinary richness of Venezuela.

But Bululú Canarias’s proposal goes beyond gastronomy. The members have created a cozy and familiar atmosphere in their place, where customers feel at home from the start.

“We want our guests to have a complete experience, not only on the palate but in every detail of the service and attention we provide,” says Lorenzo.

Experience the Best of Venezuelan Gastronomy at Bululú Canarias in Gran Canaria

The success of Bululú Canarias has transcended the borders of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, attracting local diners and tourists alike. Expansion plans are underway, with the opening of new stores in other parts of the island and the addition of new dishes and culinary proposals. However, despite the growth, the members keep intact their passion for Venezuelan cuisine and their commitment to quality and impeccable service.

In short, Bululú Canarias has made the most demanding palates fall in love with its cutting-edge Venezuelan gastronomic proposal, positioning itself as a reference in the culinary scene of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. With their dedication, talent and passion for cooking, Mónica, Lorenzo and Enrique have managed to turn a dream into a successful reality, providing their guests with a unique experience full of flavor and hospitality

Bululu: Venezuelan Flavors with a Merged Touch in Gran Canaria

In Bululu you can breathe rhythm, in a festive atmosphere full of laughter, good music, cocktails and, above all, an exceptional and casual gastronomic experience.

From the wide variety of renowned and admired arepas of Venezuelan cuisine to the delicious patacones to the refreshing salads, the tasty ceviches or the addictive hummus. “We make traditional Venezuelan dishes but playing with fusion and seasonal products,” highlights the talented cook.

Much more than just arepas

With two stores located on Calle Venezuela and in Las Canteras, the concept of both is very similar, although each one has exclusive dishes, which makes it a great incentive not to rule out any of them if you get used to visiting the other.

Cícer ceviche, for example, made with fresh sea bass, bululu tiger milk, Peruvian corn, red pepper, red onion, coriander, fried cassava and banana chips, is an irresistible excuse to enjoy the beach essence of Bululu.

With interesting starters such as the tasty lacquered chicks and the tempting cachapa with cheese, in addition to the off-menu options that include vegan delicacies, without a doubt the stars of the Bululu menu are the famous arepas, with options for all tastes.

From the traditional queen pepiada, with juicy chicken, mustard mayonnaise and herreño or yellow Dutch cheese -personally, I always recommend Herreño cheese-, to the exciting hairy arepa, with succulent shredded meat, mustard mayo, Dutch yellow cheese and guacamole, with an unparalleled flavor. Whether vegan, vegetarian, with beans or stuffed with seafood, the options are so varied that you won’t know where to start or when to end up in this true culinary paradise.

Surf, Sand, and Sensational Burgers: Discover Bululu’s Vibrant Beach-Style Service

The service of Bululu, a young and always lively place with a surfing and beach style, invites you to enjoy a wonderful experience. Hamburgers, made with veal, oatmeal and fish, have a special place on their menu. However, you can’t go without trying the delicious patacones, an emblematic preparation from Latin America based on green bananas, which are served here with care and creativity, such as the formidable cod patacon in oyster sauce.

This sensory trip through Venezuela in Bululu is much more than just arepas. It’s originality, product quality and freshness. The contagious atmosphere of eternal holidays and the combination of good food with good music and great cocktails have made Bululu a unique experience in the city for five years. This is fantastic news for food lovers with a journalistic and professional style.

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