Boris Reymar Albarrán

Capturing the Beauty of Nature and Emotions

Boris Reymar Albarrán, is a Venezuelan artist living in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain and won the Torrejón Artist Special Prize in the Mari Puri Express 2.0 Contest.

Boris Reymar Albarrán: The Emotional Venezuelan Artist Living in Torrejón de Ardoz

Born in 1988, is a graduate of Visual Arts from the Universidad de Los Andes. He specializes in photography and painting, with freedom as his main source of inspiration. Capturing emotional moments and situations in his works, he executes them with mixed technique and a warm palette, inviting the viewer to connect with his creations.

Since 2018, he resides in Torrejón de Ardoz, vibrant and safe city, with a rich cultural life that has allowed him to live with tranquility.

His reason for moving, like that of many Venezuelans in recent years, was to seek a better quality of life, moving away from a country with political and social complications and few opportunities to develop his artistic talent.

Experience the Warm Palette and Emotional Expressions of Boris Reymar Albarrán’s Art

Since his childhood, art has provoked in him a strong intellectual curiosity. As he discovered the beauty of nature in his hometown, his interest in communicating and conveying his emotions and perceptions artistically grew.

Finalist in the Gredos Painting Contest in November 2022 and in the Premio Jove de Pintura Ciutat De L`Alcora-Ximén D’Urrea in February 2023.

His work consists of the abstraction of emotional moments and situations that are captured in painting with mixed techniques. The warm color palette and complementary drawing invite the viewer to connect with his works.

Inspired by the nature that surrounds him, he seeks to represent and capture the emotions he experiences when observing a landscape and transmit them in his art.

During the pandemic, developed a series of collections that convey stories, messages and energies through color. These works have been exhibited in galleries around the city and in group exhibitions of local artists.

He is currently developing an artistic proposal for different media with the main objective of transmitting his positive emotions and joy through the color of his works.

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